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Onboard Paperless

Make onboarding a digital process that makes the recruitment team and candidates delighted.

Reduce the administrative burden to a minimum

Implementation of HR digital technologies

Use the ability to scale your recruitment system unlimitedly on a local and international level, for example by the number of candidates, recruiters or hiring managers.

Onboarding optimization

We connect your HR information systems and recommend next steps to reduce administrative burden and costs.

Solutions for HR systems integration

Manage the candidate's progress in recruitment

Track and manage candidates/employees every step of the way. From the first approach to the probationary period and beyond.

Onboarding in one tool

With ARTEMIS, you bring the onboarding process into a tool that can be used across the entire company. The newcomer learns everything they need quickly and easily.

Manage documents online

You control and manage all candidate/employee-related documents digitally. Data is immediately available over time.

Scan documents with OCR tools

You digitize documents such as CVs or documents with OCR software, which recognizes the text and automatically saves it in the CRM.

Courious to see what Digital HR, HR automation and online HR reporting looks like in practice.

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Make recruitment processes clearer at all stages
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ARTEMIS empowers you to work with a database of outgoing or rejected candidates, former employees for “re-hire”
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