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HR technology ecosystem ARTEMIS

ARTEMIS is a suite of professional HR tools ready to digitize your HR processes from recruiting, to automated onboarding and electronic document signing, to employee data management and HR data flow management, to online HR reporting in a single company or a multi-corporate holding company.

Our tools will maximize the customer experience for your candidates and employees, while reducing the time HR can spend on routine administration to ensure employee productivity.

Comprehensive HR digitalization


Make recruitment processes clearer at all stages
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Scale ARTEMIS unlimitedly on local as well as international level.
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No guesswork, advanced reporting & data-driven decisions to optimize HR
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Interview & Tests

Work from one place with candidates who are the right fit for your company culture.
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Onboard Paperless

We will connect your HR information systems and recommend further steps to reduce the administrative burden.
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ARTEMIS empowers you to work with a database of outgoing or rejected candidates, former employees for “re-hire”
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Need to Help Creating an Employer Brand that Suits Your Company and Attracts the Best Talents?

Why Our Solution

ARTEMIS = Foundation For Success

We deliver not only an advanced recruitment tool ready for robust digitization of the entire HR agenda and a paper-less solution.

HR/People/Employee Analytics

We prepare and implement datafication of your entire HR agenda.

HR Digitalisation and Automation

We transfer HR Know-how Engine and set up according to the right goals and company needs.

HR process optimization

We can become part of your team temporarily, so the implementation will be done in the shortest possible time .

Custom solutions for HR system integration

We implement the “HR Know-how Engine” to give the company a competitive advantage over its competitors.

We deliver an online learning platform

Manage the complete cycle of education from one online platform.

All-In-One HR Know-how & Software

Become smarter in HR Digi with ARTEMIS (ATMS) Applicant and Talent Management Suite.

Let us guide you through our unique Candidate & Employee Delight Workshop to find out the best HR Digi approach in your company to save time and costs. Thanks to our approach our clients became smarter in HR, built their HR Digi in the shortest possible time with the minimum.

Let other companies go through dead ends in HR digitalization.

What ARTEMIS customers are saying

Courious to see what Digital HR, HR automation and online HR reporting looks like in practice.

Michal Novák

HR Systems integrator

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