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5 ideas for developing a digital recruitment strategy

by | Aug 3, 2022

Digital recruitment strategies will contribute to the optimization of recruitment processes. Discover a selection of the most successful strategies that are worth at least considering. 


Content of the article

1. The use of digitization in every step of recruitment
2. A digital recruitment plan tailored to your company
3. Combine recruitment with the latest technologies
4. Synchronization that leads to harmony of processes
5. In digital recruitment, less is often more


1. Use of digitization in every step of recruitment

Evaluate the company’s recruitment processes and find ways to make them more efficient. For example, if you have a problem with a complicated application form on a careers site that you use to get candidate data, fix the problem immediately. Optimize the process so that applicants can apply quickly. You’ll reduce bounce rates and get more quality leads to choose from. 

By paying close attention to each stage of the process, you will avoid losing the best candidates. 


2. A digital recruitment plan tailored to your company

Every company has its own unique digital recruitment plan that clearly defines its goals. Whatever works for your competition may not work for your business. That’s why it’s important to tailor your recruitment plan to your business and your goals. 

For example, competitors can use Instagram for digital recruitment. However, it may not work for your recruitment because you have a different target group . Therefore, always plan a strategy tailored to your business. You have countless options at your fingertips, especially with the use of advanced HR digitalization tools . 


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3. Combine recruitment with the latest technologies

A digital recruitment strategy is not complete if it is not supported by the latest technology. Managers can use the hiring management system to post job openings on a career site or other platforms. But if digital recruitment tools are not integrated , the process will not be effective. 

HR departments can use, for example, digital tools that serve to identify suitable candidates, collect valuable data and evaluate them. Innovative technologies always work for the company and are worth implementing. 


4. Synchronization that leads to process harmony

Chaos can occur even in fully digitized recruitment processes. If a company uses different strategies, it is necessary that they work in harmony. Not only for the smooth running of the company. But also to make the recruitment process easy for applicants. 

Candidates must not have difficulty finding information about the position or the company. Interested parties will be discouraged if they have to fill in pointlessly long questionnaires. In short, to support an effective recruitment process, it is necessary that the strategy matches on all platforms, including the career site, advertising sites or social networks. 


5. In digital recruiting, less is often more

Some assume that the more digital platforms they use, the better their recruiting results. However, it is important that the digitization of HR processes is balanced . Effective digital recruitment is essential to achieve your goals, but you need to be smart about it. 

For example, if the HR department uses multiple platforms, employees have to spend more time on administration. This will take time away from actually recruiting talent. The best solution is to find a tool that suits the company best and that can scale perfectly. 


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