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Trends in digital recruitment that are worth using in HR strategy

by | Aug 2, 2022

With the advent of the digital revolution, the recruitment process has completely transformed. There has been a shift away from business practices towards innovation. How to keep up? See which trends in digital recruitment are worth paying attention to.  


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Artificial intelligence in the main role in the search for talent
Virtual reality as a tool to reach interested parties
Video interviews that save time on both sides
Creative techniques for creating job advertisements
Tools to increase the efficiency of the recruitment process


Artificial intelligence in the main role in the search for talent

Recruiting employees is considered one of the most demanding jobs. The advent of artificial intelligence can greatly facilitate the processes associated with the search and acquisition of talent. There is no need to imagine something otherworldly under AI. You encounter the practical use of artificial intelligence every day. An example can be chatbots. 

Examples of AI tools in recruitment

  • Automated candidate testing Recruitment digitization tools use a range of AI-powered features. One of them is, for example, automatic testing of candidates from one place.
  • Chatbots in practice . With chatbots, it is possible to quickly and effectively evaluate candidates, or find more suitable ones. This allows you to filter out ideal candidates and save time for recruiters.
  • Effective extraction of existing data . During recruitment, you get very valuable data about applicants. With AI, you can use them over time for further recruitment, for example for newly created positions. 

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Virtual reality as a tool to reach interested parties

Virtual reality is gaining ground in many fields, for example in the industrial sector. Virtual reality also has its place in HR. Some companies are trying to use virtual reality to offer interested parties more digestible content . An example could be a virtual tour of the work environment in which the applicant would work after being accepted into the company. 

Virtual reality can offer much more to digital recruitment. It is constantly developing and implementing new and new challenges. 


Video chats that save time both ways

Interviews can be highly effective and it doesn’t matter where the job candidate lives. Video interviews are an advanced digital recruiting tool that saves companies time and money. The same applies to candidates as well. 

Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangouts are becoming common communication channels, thanks to which it is possible to conduct interviews at any time and from anywhere. Plus, it’s a great way to weed out less-than-suitable candidates from the process 


Creative techniques for creating job ads

Recruiting talented or experienced employees is so complicated today that it is necessary to look for new ways at every stage of recruitment . The way job advertisements are created has also changed. Modern companies are trying new tactics, such as omitting specific job titles or completely changing the structure of the ad. 

The main goal is to arouse interest and look for employees not only on the basis of proven experience, but also on the basis of specific abilities. Experience alone does not guarantee that the candidate will fit into the team like a cog in a clockwork. 


Tools for increasing the efficiency of the recruitment process

Specialized digital recruitment tools offer companies a number of indisputable advantages. They help to increase the efficiency of the recruitment process, as they allow collecting all data from recruitment campaigns in one place 

Thanks to this valuable data, it is possible to acquire suitable candidates not only in the present, but also in the future. Data can be constantly worked with to benefit the company. 


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